We Proud Ourselves with Having

The Latest Diagnostic Technologies

The Clinic Has a Fully Functional Laboratory

We make use of an IDEXX VetTest machine to perform various in house blood tests, and our digital x-ray machine ensures crystal clear images at the speed of light.

Our well-equipped theater enables us to do advanced surgical procedures like leg- and wing pinning and breast bone operations to name a few.

Surgical sexing’s are done for breeders and for parrot pet owners who wish to know the gender of their feathered friends

Sick birds that are admitted into hospital enjoy a luxurious stay in one of our incubators, where temperature and humidity is closely monitored and regulated.

Dr. de Beer's 30-year experience of exclusive avian clinical care enables us to give your bird the best treatment during his stay at Klapmuts Bird Clinic

Normal Maintenance & Consultation

Renowned for our regular maintenance of deworming, trimming and clipping of wings, nails and beak.

Emergency Number Available

After years of experience in loving, caring for and healing your birds, we have become aware of the urgent need for a service which provides our patients with immediate assistance after hours.

We know that your beloved birds do not always time their illnesses very well... What happens if you find yourself in a state of panic in the middle of the night because you've suddenly discovered that your bird is in a worrying condition and you have no idea how to help him?

For this very reason we have created the very first dedicated 24 hour veterinary helpline service in South Africa! Phoning the helpline after hours, will connect you with one of our veterinary sisters, who in many cases can provide you with the necessary assistance to resolve the issue. In more severe cases she will put your phone call through to the avian veterinarian who often can make a diagnosis without needing to physically see the bird and advise on the next steps to take.