You're going on holiday or on a business trip and need someone to watch over your favourite bird while you are away. Why not send your pet friend on his own little vacation in a beautiful spot with special accommodation for feathered guests?  Leave your beloved parrot with us at the Bird Clinic and know that he will be well cared for, have some chirpy friends for company and be served delicious and healthy meals.

You are welcome to send some extra snacks along, to add to the diet which is already included, and pack in some toys for playtime. And while he’s here, you can even sign your bird up for various treatments: get his nails done, wings clipped, beak trimmed, have him dewormed and sexed. Yes, our "bird hotel" has a "health spa" too...

Now you can depart on your journey with absolute peace of mind, knowing that we will spoil your lucky bird while you are gone and give him back to you in great shape when you return.


Bird Clinic Boarders


Home Sweet Second Home!


How to Book Your Bird In

  1. Download the PDF Consent Form.
  2. Complete the form and email it back to
  3. Wait for our confirmation email which is your proof that the booking is valid.


Boarding Cost

  • Supply your own bird cage: R 94,60 per day
  • Use a Bird Clinic cage: R 115,50 per day