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We at Klapmuts Bird Clinic take great care in the health, wealth and general well-being of our birds.

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A Little History

Bird Clinic began as the Klapmuts Bird Clinic (near Paarl, Western Cape) and was founded by Dr De Beer, who is not only one of the few specialised avian veterinarians in the country, but also has 40 years of experience in bird breeding and is involved with research and production of cutting edge bird nutrition.

His vast knowledge, experience and caring approach has earned the Klapmuts Bird Clinic its excellent reputation. Since then the veterinary practice has expanded and we now offer a 24 telephone support service.

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For the Love of Birds

The first thing you’ll notice when you visit our clinics is that we adore your feathered companions just as much as you do. Everything we do revolves around them and their well-being.

We apply our veterinary expertise and knowledge with care and compassion, because we believe that every bird deserves it.

Our greatest reward is just to see your birds healthy, happy and beautiful.

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Nature’s Nest

Nature’s Nest is our new born, almost like a Phoenix, sister company that produces the healthiest natural avian food around. We highly recommend it for all our patients, the birds. We have a variety of products for your feathered friend that will also suit your wallet.

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Nature’s Nest has the unique privilege where the product is supported by the only exclusive avian practice in South Africa, Bird Clinic.

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